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Second chance to get your favourite keycap(s)?

Hi dearest friends,

We’ve been racking-up your feedbacks and comments on all channels that we appear on till now: our website, Massdrop, Reddit and our Fan page. We’re so grateful of your opinions like how you love our artisan products, blaming us for your willingness to buy (we found that’s adorable, true), and especially your desperation to have our Keycaps even when some of our Group-buy (GB) had closed. We’re here to respond to your all concerns.

Many questions asked if we would open GB for several series Keycap again, or any chance to have your favorite artisan keycap while you’re wandering on the internet and suddenly found your right-key and its GB just closed days ago. 

The answer is No! And…YES!

Firstly. Why not re-releasing any artisan keycap? Why all the GBs are always just one-off?

We must admittedly say that, on one hand, a tremendous amount of sold products would make our studio better, definitely, for both material and mental aspects. But on another hand we crave for something immense of skillful, they must be an artisan, even masterpiece. We couldn’t let our starvation beat us down. Just at once when the GB has closed, the red light’s on and the process will start until it reaches the last stage to send to our customer. You can see a wide and reasonable view from this guy, saying about how keycap is available from the manufacturer to market in this link:,35391.html

Next, limited, and precious. 

You might never want Da Vinci to have another Mona Lisa, Michelangelo to have another David, or Victoria’s Secret to reproduce their sexiest family products and put them on a show again. Trust us, you’ll soon feel bored with it. 

Therefore, please, please take a small action is to sign-up your email and we’ll notify you anytime we have GB of your favorite one’s opened. Or new artisan keycap’s stories will entertain your day, perhaps. Please keep in mind, there won’t be a second GB for an artisan Keycap, but there will be always chances to grab your most brand new favorite one by following us. 

These are where you should go to:


What if I still want my beloved keycap(s)? Do I want nothing else but the right one(s) of m life?

Well, we truly admire your insistence. We could say there might be a ‘YES’ for your desire. But! There is always a ‘but’ for such cases like these. 

You may find someone that had the Keycap or its prototype from our raffle’s winners, and try to convince them for a resale, or force them to cede it (kidding 🙂 ). 

They were sometimes available in our forums or communities which someone wants or willing to trade. Like it happened several times in Jelly Key’s Discord channel because our customers sometimes didn’t notice the size of the keyset or the profile of the keycaps they would buy. You can join these kinds of forums/communities to ask or wait till it comes to your chances. We wish you good luck.

Another important thing we want to softly warn you are: There might be counterfeit products out there, in some unofficial channels. The way you can recognize which one is our product is the signature (logo) of JellyKey and a unique serial number underneath every keycap.

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